Secret Baggage: I Need Your Help

Submit Your Personal Story for My New Book Whenever my father would start telling a story about his life growing up, everything else going on around me seemed to pause or slow down. I would figuratively lean in as he painted a mental picture of what his struggle was,...

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What Is Church and Who Is It For? (Part 2)

On Sunday, September 2, I launched our new ministry year with a special messaged called, “Church: What is it? Who is it for?” There were a number of people that commented afterwards, “This was so helpful. I understand so much better now.” The only problem...

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Picking a Bad Time to do Something Great

We picked a bad time to do something great. We chose the last Sunday night of the summer to thank the many people who make GracePoint the vibrant church we are today. Seriously, the end of the summer? Several had doubts that many would come. Would the...

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Disappointed at the Birth of my Child

It’s true. I was disappointed, at first. Let me explain. With Candy’s first two pregnancies, we were not able to afford the cost of finding out the sex of our coming baby. With our first child, we didn’t really care if it was a boy or a girl. We just...

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What If I Am Wrong?

Some people are natural skeptics. Without thinking about it or trying very hard, they question everything. And everyone. Others, like myself, are naturally trusting. For the most part, I trust just about everyone. Especially those I love and respect. What...

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“God wants me here! I’m not going home!”

There are a few moments that sets your life, heart, and faith in a certain direction. A direction in which you never turn back. One of these moments took place in 1983 when I was 19 years old. I knew the year before that God wanted me to attend Liberty...

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