Sabbatical Part 3: Barry Tours Levi Stadium

As an avid 49er fan living in a Seahawk world, one of my Sabbatical bucket list items was visiting my home city of San Jose and touring Levi Stadium. Watch till the end as Candy and I "announce" the epic "Catch" play. It is still painful for Candy who is...

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Sabbatical Part 2: I Feel Free

I’ve never had a Sabbatical before so I don’t know what to really expect or feel. I don’t know how I will feel a month from now or three months from now. However, I do know how I feel today, the day before my Sabbatical starts. I feel free! Let me explain....

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Sabbatical Part 1: Hitting the Refresh Button

What is a Sabbatical? “On the seventh day God… rested from all His work.” Genesis 2:2 God didn’t need the rest but He modeled it for us because He knew our body, mind, and spirit would need consistent rest to remain healthy. The Hebrew word for Sabbath...

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