Disappointed at the Birth of my Child

It’s true. I was disappointed, at first. Let me explain. With Candy’s first two pregnancies, we were not able to afford the cost of finding out the sex of our coming baby. With our first child, we didn’t really care if it was a boy or a girl. We just...

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What If I Am Wrong?

Some people are natural skeptics. Without thinking about it or trying very hard, they question everything. And everyone. Others, like myself, are naturally trusting. For the most part, I trust just about everyone. Especially those I love and respect. What...

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“God wants me here! I’m not going home!”

There are a few moments that sets your life, heart, and faith in a certain direction. A direction in which you never turn back. One of these moments took place in 1983 when I was 19 years old. I knew the year before that God wanted me to attend Liberty...

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Happy Valentinus Day

Valentine’s Day has a mysterious origin. One potential origin involves a priest named Valentinus during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius who secretly disobeyed the Emperor. Because Claudius believed that single soldiers made better soldiers, he outlawed...

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Blast from the Past: Barry interviewed by the 49ers

In 2015, the San Francisco 49ers sent up their film crew to interview me and my family at GracePoint Church. They heard that I was a 49er fan pastoring in a Seattle Seahawk crazed churched. It was a part of an award winning segment called "The Faithful"...

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Sabbatical Final Report: Five Sabbatical Takeaways

Before I jumped back on the fast running treadmill of ministry, I took a little bit of time to write down some takeaways from my three month break from ministry. It was helpful to think through the highlights and what impacted me the most from my time...

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