Secret Baggage: Published July 2021

Book Overview Each of us has unresolved issues that we carry around. In a word it’s called baggage. Although we do our best to ignore it, conceal it, or fake it, our baggage burdens our life while slowly squeezing out hope for our future.

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Dream House:

Blueprints to a Healthy and Happy Home

Book Overview Many parents begin raising their children without the necessary blueprints or tools to build a healthy and happy home. As a result, their home can be unstable and unhealthy, resulting in frustration and despair. The purpose of this book is to provide blueprints of biblical truths and practical insights that will help parents construct a Dream House of their own.

Book Premise Dream House takes its readers on a room-to-room tour beginning in the kitchen and finishing in the garage. Each room gives a description of the problem or need this room represents, followed by a solution based upon biblical principles. Throughout each chapter, practical examples and applications are given.

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