A Pastoral Perspective on the Supreme Court Ruling

by Jun 29, 2015

150626101106-04-scotus-same-sex-0626-super-169Plenty of articles have been written regarding the Supreme Court expansion on the definition of marriage. You may have grown weary of all of this commentary, but here are my thoughts concerning this seismic event in our culture. My thoughts are specifically directed toward those who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ.

This is Nothing New

Although I am disappointed and concerned about this ruling, it shouldn’t surprise us. We shouldn’t expect non-followers to follow or agree with Christ and His Word. Getting angry at people who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus and who then live contrary to scripture is pointless and not Christ-like. It would be similar to getting mad at a blind person for not appreciating a beautiful sunset. They are not the enemy nor should they be the focus of our angst.

I do, however, have a different reaction to believers who are cheering on the moral acceptance of homosexuality. I am disappointed in Christian friends who adopt the gay flag on Facebook or go as far as joining in on the bigotry chants toward those of us who still believe in moral absolutes and biblical authority. Shame on them. I am even more disgusted with pastors and churches who have come to believe that God has now changed His mind regarding biblical morality. They are the ones whom Jesus calls out in Revelation 2:20 as being “tolerant” of Jezebel type teaching that “misleads others into sexual immorality.” Double shame on themjude_title

An old warning comes from Jude 4 for believers to be on the lookout for “godless men who change the grace of God into a license for immorality.” Again, this is nothing new.

It’s Been Worse

The sexual norms within the Roman Empire in the first century were much worse than it is today. It was very normal for men to have sex with their wives for procreational purposes and then to have sex with other people for recreational purposes. This included sex with other women, prostitutes, slaves, other men, and even young boys. This behavior was considered normal behavior and socially accepted. Although women were less inclined, many women lived these lifestyles too without chastisement.

And to think that this is the century in which the church started, thrived, and then exploded with growth. The church did all of this in the midst of enduring great persecution too. Why should we be different?

508f4bec1683924c8854b527dacc3a5fThe church can survive this Supreme Court ruling. In order to do so, the church needs to be incredibly loving and grace-filled toward those outside a relationship with Jesus while also teaching, expecting, and modeling holiness for believers. Christian marriages should look incredibly different by how they follow God’s Word within their marriage roles and how genuine love plays out towards each other. Christian marriages should be so attractive to others, especially to our own children. When Christian marriages look no different than those outside the faith, we lose credibility in almost insurmountable ways.

Not only has it been worse in the past, but if you study scripture, it will get worse the closer we get to the coming of Jesus. So don’t panic, freak out, or become depressed.

God is Still on the Throne

As crazy at it feels sometimes, God is still sovereign and has everything under control. As believers, our responsibility is to remain committed to Scripture. The Bible not only affirms, but Jesus defines marriage between one man and one woman in Matthew 19:4-6. Additionally, Romans 1:21–28 defines homosexuality as a sinful lifestyle that rejects God’s design from creation. Although some Christians, pastors, and entire denominations have caved on this point, we must remain true to God’s Word regardless of the culture shouting mean things at us.

Continue to pray for spiritual awakening

Two of the greatest revivals in Judah’s history came after two of the most wicked times in their history. Both kings Hezekiah and Josiah saw God bring national revival on the heels of national immorality. (See 2 Chronicles 29–31 and 34–35.)


But revival must first start in the church. Stop shouting at society and begin praying for revival to begin in the church. Before Jesus revealed the coming judgment on the world in the book of Revelation, He brought condemnation to His church. That’s where believers should start.

So, lift up our eyes and focus on the opportunity we have in front of us to be more like the early church than never before in our lifetimes. Believe it or not, the fields are ripe for a harvest!

(For a recent message prior to the Supreme Court ruling from Revelation 2.)

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