Good News for Candy

by May 8, 2016

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Dr. Prakash Vishnu

On Thursday, May 5th, Candy and I had an appointment with Dr. Prakash Vishnu in Seattle. Dr. Vishnu is the leading Oncologist at Virginia Mason that specializes with melanoma cancer.  In fact, he is so good in this field that he will be joining the Mayo Clinic in July. Dr. Vishnu was on the panel of cancer specialists examining Candy’s PET Scan, pathology and surgery results.

As soon as he came into the room he said, “Hello Candace. We have been talking about you the past two weeks!” He then proceeded to tell us that Candy is very fortunate her lymph nodes were clear or that we would have had a completely different conversation!  Given the size and depth of the cancerous mole that was removed, he seemed surprised the cancer did not reach her lymph nodes. We believe that this is a Unknowndirect result of hundreds of people praying!

He then told Candy that she is in a small class of cancer patients that is eligible for an experimental research study that is happening around the country. It’s a study where the patient is injected with a melanoma protein (not the cancer but just the protein) that would train the white blood cells to attack this protein. If it works, it would attack any microscopic melanoma that might begin to grow in someones body.

After study and prayer, Candy has decided to be a part of this important research that could possibly help her but also help many others behind her. She also believes that God wants her to be a light for Jesus in the lives of people over at Virginia Mason. images

In addition to participating in this experimental research study, Candy also has to have regular dermatologist exams and a CT scan every 6 months for the next two years. All in all – good news. Candy and I are very pleased and relieved!

We have been so thankful for so many people praying, supporting, and caring for us in this journey. We are very grateful that God clearly communicated to us just what we needed each and every day. He used scripture, Instragram photo’s, worship songs, and comments from family and friends that gave us courage, hope, and strength along the way.

The next two years are critical because this type of cancer can return. We will continue to lean into God, take one day at a time, and not take anything for granted.



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