It’s About Time

by Jul 25, 2011

I always knew that the NFL lockout would not last into the season. There was too much money at stake for both owners and players. I am just glad we can get the season started and begin the countdown until September 11th when my favorite team, 49ers, play at home against the Seattle Seahawks.

In my opinion, the owners got the best deal with this new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The last 10 year CBA was such an incredible arrangement that leaned favorably for the players.  Former NFL quarterback, Kurt Warner, said that the players all knew they had a great deal. This time around, the owners regained some ground that they previously gave away. The players are still well taken care of and will be receiving an incredible check each payday. The owners now have better leverage to help in tough economic times. The fans get what they want – football. Everyone wins!

I know that there are those who frankly don’t care about football and would have been just fine without it. For me, it is my most favorite escape from the grind of the ministry. I can come home from church and lose myself with my team. (The last 10 years I lost my cool more than anything!) For what it is worth,  I believe it is the #1 sport that is so dependent upon teamwork for success. When played correctly, it is a beautiful thing to watch.

Thankfully, no more CBA’s, lawyers, decertifying unions, and lock outs! Tape it up, strap it on, and get the season underway!

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