Just Pinch Me!

by Feb 17, 2012

Barry & Candy on Sea of Galilee

What was supposed to be a cold and rainy day on the Sea of Galilee, turned out to be a beautiful experience. Candy and I kept shaking our heads as we pinched ourselves at being on the very waters that Jesus sailed. About 10 minutes on the lake, the rain stopped and the sun broke out behind the clouds. A rainbow showed up in the distance. It was an honor to speak to our group from Mark 6 about the disciples “straining at the oars, facing a fierce headwind.” We then had an amazing worship time with the closing song being, “How Great Thou Art.”

Spring at Caesarea Philippi

We then traveled up to Caesarea Philippi which is near the Lebanon border. The spring of Herman was there and the water spillways were incredible. This is the place where Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”

After lunch, we traveled over to the Golan Heights and stopped close to the Syrian border. Very cold weather but very cool to see a regiment of an Israeli tank division. Coming down toward the east side of the Sea of Galilee we stopped at the Jordan river for a baptismal service. My childhood pastor asked me to assist him in the water. Very privileged to help. I asked him to baptize me in the Jordan. Great experience! Did I need to be re-baptized? No. But it’s the JORDAN RIVER!!

Barry with Pastor Ted Duncan

We stayed the night in Tiberius along the west side for the Sea. The wind and rain that was supposed to hit us earlier in the day decided to pour down during the night.

On Friday, we traveled to the country of Jordan. We saw an amazingly intact Roman/Greek ancient city of the Decapolis. Amazing photos! Then we saw Mount Nebo where Moses saw the Promised Land. Windy and foggy – couldn’t see much. Finally, we will spend the night in Petra. (Haven’t downloaded the photos yet)

Hopefully, more will come later. The internet service is spotty.

Sailing on the Sea of Galilee

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