Moving Forward

by Feb 6, 2012

Another calendar year has turned and 2011 is in our rear view mirror. Looking back is neither healthy or helpful because it is impossible to reclaim or redo anything in our past. We must move forward.

For me, my NFL season was over as soon as my 49ers lost in overtime to the eventual Super Bowl Champs, the NY Giants. It does me no good to dwell on the would have’s, could have’s or should have’s from the disappointing NFC Championship game. It was a great season. My team did better than anyone expected. Time to move forward.

For my family, last year was filled with frustrations, disappointments, and injuries. Time to move forward.

As a pastor at a great church, there were plenty of times last year when God didn’t show up when my expectations demanded He should. As the saying goes,  “God is rarely early and never late.” Although frustrating, it is true. Maybe this is the reason why the message on January 21-22, ( ‘In-Between’ ) was more for me than anyone else!

Specifically, I am waiting and waiting for God to bring our church the right Community Life Pastor. Someone to help us with community within our church as well as connect our church with our local community will be a huge help. Someone who can join the speaking team would be a great asset. Someone that will help increase our “front door” and help us close our “back door” would be tremendous.

After going through 300 resumes and getting super close with a handful of guys, we continue to move forward…and wait. Please pray with me about this. Please pray for me as I keep moving forward.

Barry Bandara

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