Sabbatical Part 4: Soaking In

by Sep 28, 2017

In the first two weeks, I was asked by several people, “How does it feel to be on a Sabbatical?” My answer was the same, “I don’t know. I’ve never been on one.” After one month, I now have a better answer: I am soaking in many things for the first time in a while.

Soaking in My Family

My biological family is spread out up and down the west coast and includes six siblings that I don’t get to see too often. The last time we were all together was several years ago at a Thanksgiving gathering that totaled 35 people in the confines of a small house. Although I “saw” my siblings then, we didn’t really see each other. It was difficult to have real conversations with so much noise and activity. However, I was able to see each sibling this first month of Sabbatical.

I so enjoyed seeing my brothers and sisters in their homes as I soaked in getting caught up with each of them. What a blessing that all seven of us are happily married, love the Lord, and are serving God in some capacity. The grace of God has made all of this happen!

Soaking in God’s Word

I don’t read the Bible in order to preach. But I often catch myself reading a passage and pausing to think how I would preach or teach it to other people. This can be very distracting for those of us who teach God’s Word on a regular basis. However, knowing I will not be preaching for several months, I have really enjoyed soaking in God’s Word… just for me. I have also enjoyed reading out of the New Living Translation. It has brought a fresh perspective to my bible reading. I am loving my time in God’s Word.

Being able to attend other churches as well as attending the pastors and wives retreat at Hume Lake was refreshing. Candy has really enjoyed having me sit next to her instead of leaving to go up and teach. Again, hearing God’s Word taught by someone else has been something I’ve been soaking up!

Soaking in Previous Relationships

Us with Curt & Rhonda Hamner at Hume Lake

One Sunday, we decided to attend my previous church in Fullerton, CA. It’s been 12 years since we left so I fully expected to slip in and out without much notice. I was wrong. It was great to see a number of friends, former small group leaders, former students, kids from High School Staff members, and others on the pastoral staff. What a blessing.

Then at Hume Lake it was a blessing to see my friend, Dathan Brown, who is now the Director at the Camp. I only saw him for a brief time because he needed to leave as he was leading a Hume Lake Reformation trip to Europe. It was also a blessing to see other friends from Fullerton there: Brad & Leslie Rose who work at Hume and Curt & Rhonda Hamner who were there leading a Marriage Seminar. Thank you Lord for these surprises!

Soaking in Time with Candy

What a joy to spend so much time with the love of my life, Candy! My wife’s #1 Love Language is quality time so her cup is overflowing right now! Whether it was sitting on the beach, attending a church conference, or an impromptu decision to go to the USC vs. Stanford football game at the LA Coliseum, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  What a wonderful gift to spend so much time with someone you enjoy spending time with!

Now, we are off to the next phase of our Sabbatical.

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My first visit to the LA Coliseum was amazing! Here is my video walking into the stadium.

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