Secret Baggage Goes to Arizona

by Jan 27, 2022

On January 15th, I was invited to speak at a Men’s Bible Study in Gilbert, Arizona. I was asked to speak on my latest book,  Secret Baggage. God led me to focus on teaching about the baggage of Starvation. The room was filled with 85 men with another 15 Zooming in to join us.

Twelve different churches are represented in this Saturday Bible study called Practice. It is a group of men who gather weekly to train how to live out God’s word everyday with the Bible as their playbook. Practice was started in 2009 by my younger brother, Bobby, with eleven men in attendance. It continues to grow each year.

The response from the men of Practice was exceptional. Many of them have gone through rehab for different addictions, are recovering from a divorce, or have been beaten up in life in general. Talking about the Starvation baggage of not receiving unconditional love, emotional nourishment, or appropriate physical touch really hit home in many hearts. Often, when a man is starved of these God-given needs, they end up giving the Father Wound baggage to their children.

I’ve often heard authors encouraging people to purchase their books so that they don’t have to bring any home. This hit me as a bit self-serving to make more money. Well, after bringing a carry-on suitcase full of books, I now understand why they make that statement. Thankfully, every one of my books were purchased and I was relieved to bring home a much lighter carry-on!

More importantly, my #1 prayer for this speaking opportunity was – “God, please use me to help others start down the path of freedom from their baggage.” Praise the Lord! He answered this prayer! To God be the glory!

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