Secret Baggage: I Need Your Help

by Mar 2, 2019

Submit Your Personal Story for My New Book

Whenever my father would start telling a story about his life growing up, everything else going on around me seemed to pause or slow down. I would figuratively lean in as he painted a mental picture of what his struggle was, how he felt at that moment, or how the problem was resolved… or not. Stories tend to do just that – they help us to lean it and listen.

Jesus is referred to as the greatest Teacher ever. Storytelling was his most common teaching method. Stories such as the Prodigal Son, the rich man and Lazarus, and the Good Samaritan have been around for over 2000 years and are just as powerful today than when Jesus first told them. Stories tend to do just that – they help us to remember them.

Personal stories are powerful. They can make us laugh, cry, get upset, or become inspired. Stories illustrate real people with real problems that many of us can relate too. They also bring clarity and understanding to a subject being written about. We all have a story to tell. Most stories are such that people can learn from: stories of victory, foolishness, courage, or wisdom. Stories tend to do just that – they help us to learn from them.

Time to Tell Your Story

I am in the process of writing my second book and I am in need of personal stories. The book is called Secret Baggage: gaining freedom from unresolved issues. Maybe, just maybe, now is the time to share your story. A story others can learn from or a story that will shine light on a difficult subject.

I have set up a Secret Baggage page on my blog for people to submit their stories. Take a look at the issues covered and consider submitting your story of a secret baggage that you have received freedom in or one in which you are still in process with. Maybe you have a friend that has a perfect story for one of my chapters. Send them a link of the Secret Baggage page on my blog and encourage them to submit their story. I’m not looking for the perfect story. Just real people with a real story to tell.

While there is no guarantee, your story may end up in my book that could end up being an inspiration or help to someone who really needs it.

Thank you for considering this.

Barry M. Bandara

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